The Kuwait Fishermen’s Union expressed gratitude for the efforts of the authorities involved in supporting the fishermen, commending the resolution of the diesel crisis. They praised the officials from relevant government agencies who attentively responded to the appeals of the fishermen and played a role in resolving this issue, reports Al-Rai daily. In an official statement, the Fishermen’s Union mentioned that a coordination meeting of concerned authorities was headed by Saad Al-Alati, Assistant Undersecretary for Budgets at the Ministry of Finance.

The union emphasized its commitment to the conditions set during the meeting and stressed the significance of addressing issues related to street vendors. They clarified that all the catch is intended for the local market and is sold at the Sharq and Fahaheel markets. The committee’s decision was met with contentment from the fishermen, alleviating one of the challenges they faced.

The union remains steadfast in advocating for the fishermen’s rightful demands and will actively engage in seeking solutions for various challenges, including improvements to the fishermen’s village, increased fish support, and addressing concerns regarding mead fishing and its location. They are awaiting a response from the Environment Public Agency (EPA) regarding the Federation’s request to fish mead in Kuwait Bay in accordance with the prescribed regulations and conditions set by the concerned authorities.