Port had initially identified four different locations for the proposed fisheries jetty viz, adjacent to northern breakwater, south side of outlet channel at Meenakaliya, near Chitrapura and site adjacent to Kulai ice plant belonging to KFDC Ltd. Subsequently the Port in consultation with Ministry of Agriculture (GoI), Dept of fisheries (GoK) finalized the present location, i.e Kulai as the ideal site. Subsoil investigation was carried out at the proposed location during the year 1999 – 2000.

Accordingly the Central Water & Power Research Station (CWPRS), Pune, a Government of India Organization collected data on oceanographic parameters and conducted model studies. Based on the inputs of CWPRS, the Detailed Project Report was prepared by Central Institute for Coastal Engineering for Fisheries (CICEF).

Based on the proposal submitted by Government of Karnataka, Govt. of India considered the proposal of “Construction of a Fishing Harbour at Kulai in Dakshina Kannada District” at an estimated cost of Rs. 196.51 Crore. The Deputy Director, Fisheries, Mangalore is the Project proponent and NMPA is only the Implementing Agency. NITK, Surathkal has been appointed for providing services as Third Party Inspecting Agency.

The subject work of construction of breakwater, marine structure with allied civil works, dredging and reclamation for fishing Harbour at Kulai, on EPC basis awarded to M/s SAPL GCC JV, at an evaluated amount of Rs 147 Crore is under progress. The work has construction of two breakwaters (Northern and Southern breakwater). The section of breakwater comprises filter layer, core layer, primary and secondary armour / tetrapods, toe mound etc.

The work ofSouthern breakwater is substantially completed and fully protected. The work of northern breakwater is partially completed and protected up to 300 meters by providing toe mound, primary armour and secondary armour / tetrapods. Beyond 300 meters up to 510 meters placing of only filter and core material has been carried out and this portion is not fully protected as the work is in progress. The formation of toe mound, placing of primary armour and secondary armour / tetrapods is yet to commence beyond 300 meters.

Precautions with regard to the protection of breakwater especially along the western arm of north breakwater before the onset of monsoon were taken as per the recommendation of PMC and NMPA. However due to fury of the rough sea during monsoon, displacement of core layer has occurred in the incomplete area which is not protected, resulting in breach of a portion of western arm of northern breakwater. As the work is still in progress as per the approved design section, the Contractor is bound to rectify, restore and reinstate the damaged portion at their own cost and protect the work as per the Agreement.

The Contractor has been instructed to take action and he is working on the same.The rock samples from different quarries were taken and tested at NationalAccreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) accredited lab and as per the recommendations of Project Management Consultants (PMC), the quarries have been approved. The stones brought from the quarries are weighed at the Weigh Bridge installed at site and are dumped into the alignment of the Breakwater as per the methodology submitted and approved by the Port.

The contractor has also commenced the casting of tetrapods from the approved ready mix Concrete plant as per approved mix design. The work is being carried out as per the section and design of breakwater submitted by Design Director and approved by Port.The contractor has been paid partly for the protected portion, i.e for a length of 300m ( i.e 0 m to 300 m ) and no payment has been made to the contractor beyond 300 m in respect of northern breakwater, which is still under construction.