Hurricane Nigel, the sixth hurricane to form in the Atlantic Ocean this season, developed into a Category 1 storm on Monday and is expected to “rapidly intensify” into a major hurricane by Tuesday.

The storm initially formed in the center of the Atlantic on Saturday but quickly picked up power, developing into a Category 1 hurricane on Monday morning.

At the moment, Nigel has sustained winds of 80 miles per hour.

But forecasters in the National Weather Service (NWS) and National Hurricane Center expect the storm to become a Category 3 by Tuesday – this means Nigel will have sustained winds of at least 111 miles per hour.

As of Monday morning, Nigel is located approximately 900 miles southeast of Bermuda but is moving northwesterly. However, the hurricane is not expected to make landfall and no warnings or watches have been issued.As of now, the National Hurricane Center predicts Nigel will veer off right into the open Atlantic Ocean by Wednesday morning.

Nigel developed shortly after Hurricane Lee landed in Nova Scotia as a post-tropical storm.