According to data provided by the Union government in Parliament on Wednesday, total fish production in the country was 162 lakh metric tonnes in 2021-22. According to the state fisheries department, fish production in Gujarat in 2021-22 was 8.74 lakh tonnes, about 5% of the country’s fish production.

According to the Gujarat fisheries department, in 2021-22, production inthe state was 6.88 lakh tonnes of marine fish and 1.86 lakh tonnes of inland fish, for a total of 8.74 lakh tonnes.

According to the livestock census 2007, there are 2.18 lakh active fishermen among a population of 5.59 lakh fishermen in 1,058 fishing villages in the state. In 2020-21, 28,355 mechanical boats and 8,625 non-mechanical boats were registered with the government, for a total of 36,980 boats.

Revenue from marine fishing in Gujarat in 2021-22 was Rs 7,659 crore, and revenue from inland fishing was Rs 3,561 crore, for a total revenue from fish production of Rs 11,220 crore.