The High Court of Bombay at Goa has directed the State authorities to come up with an action plan to ensure that mechanized fishing does not take place in prohibited zones. The court was hearing a petition in this regards by All Goa Small Scale Responsible Fisheries Union. AG Devidas Pangam asked the court for 2 weeks to file an affidavit placing the details of the action taken against mechanized fishing in the prohibited zone on record.

In view of this, the next hearing on the matter is scheduled for March 11, 2024. The court has also ordered that the Captain of Ports be ordered to be impleaded as Respondent in the petition. The high court ruled that authorities had to take the association’s recommendations into account when creating the action plan. AG Devidas Pangam requested two weeks to record the action plan. The HC directed that the captain of ports be included in the petition as a respondent. On March 11, the court will hear the case.