Following the Mamlatdar’s order amidst a controversy surrounding auctioning of fishing rights, freshwater fish was harvested on Sunday at Ralloi Lake, Curtorim, drawing fish lovers from across Salcete to the site. Mamlatdar Bhiku Gavas, who had previously ordered a halt to fishing activities in Raloi Lake, issued a verdict on Saturday permitting freshwater fish harvesting. According to Antonio Dias, Chairman of Ralloi Tollem and Vaignnode Tenants Association, the controversy stemmed from issues regarding the lake’s auctioning.

The Mamlatdar’s order mandated maintaining status quo at the lake and refraining from fishing activities until the matter was resolved. The order highlighted concerns raised during a hearing on April 10, indicating that the lake’s gates had been opened, allowing water to flow out and potentially enabling fishing activities.

Dias informed the Mamlatdar about the potential impact on fish due to water release and the nuisance it could cause in the locality.

Police presence was observed at the site on Sunday to prevent any law and order issues. Meanwhile, farmers engaged in fish farming at Ralloi Lake reported a heartening response from people eager to buy fish on Sunday. A large crowd queued up since 6.30 am, with fish lovers from neighboring villages seizing the opportunity to get their hands on the fresh catch. Ralloi Lake has been a hub for freshwater fish farming for several years, with farmers managing operations even during the Covid pandemic without auctioning the lake. However, the recent controversy surrounding auctioning has brought matters before the Mamlatdar for resolution.