Fishermen and fish mongers in the Western Province of Zambia have vowed that they will not follow the national fish ban policy that takes effect on the 1st of December each year.

Speaking to Watchdog in Mongu Wednesday, the fishermen who spoke on condition of anonymity said they would continue to catch and sell fish freely in the Province because the Patriotic Front (PF) then in opposition promised to rub off the fish ban policy once in power.

“We cannot and we will not stop fishing because that is what we do for a living, said one fisherman.

They explained that fishing was the only means of survival for the majority of non formally employed people in Westerners They added that their families depended on fishimg.

The aggrieved men and women said government should find them other means of sourcing for money and create jobs for them instead of imposing policies that do not make any impact in the economy of the province.

“We have followed this so called fish ban for years but it has not done us any good as a province, President and his government should just make us jobs and not this fish ban there are talking about, added one of them.

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