Eritrea’s Ministry of Marine Resources called on the Fishermen Association members in the Northern Red Sea region to enhance integrated endeavors. It made the call at a meeting conducted with a number of traditional fishermen at the port city of Massawa.

Mr. Tewolde Kelati, Minister of Marine Resources, said that the reinforcement of Association-based ventures is a vital prerequisite as regards prudent harnessing of marine resources in a manner that sustainably benefits the people and the nation as a whole. He further indicated that the strengthening of the tripartite relation among the Ministry, the regional Administration and national Associations vis-à-vis introduction of regulatory guidelines would create a basis on which the fishermen could foster integrated activities.

Different fishing permits are issued in accordance with the fishery area the fishermen move to and the type of activity they engage in. Moreover, the Ministry has been providing fishing equipment and training to Fishermen Associations, according to reports.

Mr. Tewolde asserted that the Ministry would collaborate with the Association members, and called on them to exert endeavors towards the realization of the cherished goal, in addition to doing away with sea pollution.

Similarly, Ms. Tsigereda Woldegiorgis, Administrator of the Northern Red Sea region, expressed the regional Administration’s readiness to collaborate with the Association members, and called on the members to step up efforts towards ensuring still more gratifying fish supply.

Among the fishermen, Mr. Osman Ali, Mr. Hassen Medeni and Mr. Hussein Ali lauded the Ministry for organizing the meeting focusing on strengthening the organizational capacity of the Association, and voiced readiness to back up endeavors pertaining to marine development.

There exist around 700 traditional fishermen in the Northern Red Sea region working on the basis of 24 Associations, according to reports.