Through the support of Century Tuna, World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF-Philippines) is promoting an artisanal handline tuna fishery in Pasuquin, Ilocos Norte, the Philippines. This initiative aims to improve local fisheries management while ensuring the sustainability of the area’s small-scale handline industry.

The program aims to enhance the Ilocos region’s handline tuna fisheries through improved management while increasing fisher folk incomes for the next three years. These objectives can be achieved through the adoption of a traceability system, improving local fisheries governance plus meat-handling practices, maximizing economic benefits by bridging fishers with preferential local and foreign markets and establishing external support sources.

To support WWF-Philippines’ Pasuquin program, Century Tuna is introducing a new product called Century Tuna Handline, which offers individually caught Yellowfin Tuna chunks in olive oil.

Century Tuna Handline is a great catch not just because it has Omega3 and DHA for a healthy mind, heart and body but also because it has premium taste. More importantly, it lets customers help local handline fishers. For each purchase of the new product, P1 goes to the WWF-Philippines’ Handline Tuna Fishery in Pasuquin.

2011. Philstar