The Department of Fisheries, Lower Dibang Valley District, conducted a lake ranching programme on Monday with the objective of achieving sustainable fisheries, reducing habitat degradation, conserving biodiversity, and uplifting the depleted fish stock at Sally Lake near here.

The District ZPC, Tony Borang, released 20,000 fish fingerlings into the lake. Tony Borang expressed that awareness of such a programme is necessary among the growing generation of youth in order to conserve the rich resources in terms of fishing and tourism in the district. He also encouraged aquaculture practices and asserted that the district has great potential in terms of pisciculture, which could improve livelihoods and also help tackle unemployment

District Fishery Development Officer (DFDO) Tadar Mama briefed about the main motives of lake ranching. He informed the department has released fingerlings into Sally Lake to meet the required stocking density of the lake every monsoon. He also expressed his concern over the illegal poaching of fish in the lake and suggested the need for awareness of such a conservation programme. Meanwhile, Fishery Officer (FO) Neriyang Jamoh said that Sally Lake is the “Hotspot of Mahseer” in the district, and therefore the lake requires maintenance and guarding against poaching.