An American scientist David Keith, who is the professor of applied physics at Harvard University offered solution to global warming when he suggested that refreezing Arctic using certain modified jets could help in dealing with the climate crisis.

The scientist used climate models for suggesting that by injecting the reflective particles in atmosphere, there could be a reduced amount of sunlight which reached the Earth. This in turn could help in tricking the regional effect which might bring back ice to Arctic.

He claimed that penetration of sunlight could be reduced by merely 0.5 percent for restoring the sea-ice surrounding North Pole. The research conducted by the scientist suggested that this entire operation was possible to accomplish with certain modified Gulfstream jets which could cost approximately 8 billion dollar annually.

It is important to note that overall amount of the ice in Arctic Ocean had reached all-time lowest in September 2012. However, while this scientist believed that action should definitely be taken for dealing with the pollution that was discharged in the atmosphere, he still doesn’t advocate action which his study suggested.

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