Yemen’s coastguard policemen have said that 17 Eritrean fishermen on two boats were missing off the Hodeida coasts, Yemeni coastguard sources affirmed. They spelt out the two boats left Yemen on December 13 and that Eritrean authorities lost contacts with the fishermen, pointing out that the Yemeni coastguards policemen embarked on looking for them.

Meanwhile, a Yemeni fisherman was shot wounded last Thursday as Eritrean coastguard forces attacked Yemeni fishermen in coasts of Dubab district, sources told Marib Press. They said that Eritrean forces confiscated about 20 Yemeni boats and brutally assaulted Yemeni fishermen.

The Eritrean authorities used to seize Yemeni fishermen and their boats in a case that often raises tensions between the two neighboring states.

Yemeni fishermen of al-Hodeida governorate have revealed that over 200 fishermen are languishing inside Eritrean jails and about 900 fishing boats are still seized by Eretria.

Yemeni fishermen staged several demonstrations in last months protesting the infiltration of foreign launches and boats to the territorial water of al-Hodeida.

They repeatedly called on the Yemeni government to shoulder its responsibility and protect its citizens against the frequent attack by Eritrea.

Yemeni fishermen have many times complained about harassment and difficulties they face while fishing in Yemeni and international water, asserting that Eritrea keeps targeting Yemeni fishermen and takes advantage of the weak dysfunctional Yemeni navy.

Additionally, Somali pirates continuously kidnap Yemeni fishing boats and that poses a big challenged to Yemeni fishermen.

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