The Maritime Search and Rescue Centre in Guyana which has been activated continued its supportive efforts and searches for fisherfolk who were reportedly drifting after a recent pirate attack. The centre reported that 15 more fisherfolk were found during the overnight exercise, the Government Information Agency (GINA) reported on Sunday.

Minister of Public Works, Robeson Benn, whose ministry has responsibility for the search and rescue mission, said that it continued its work which led to the successful rescue of a number of fisherfolk.

“Follow ups were made of the reconnaisance work that was flown yesterday…the police were given the coordinates…the police team towards an area west of the mouth of the Pomeroon River rescued 15 men, Minister Benn said.

The Public Works Minister said that the joint services agencies have been called in and a thorough search of the areas is being made by various search parties with the aim of not only helping others who may still be out there but, also to determine who the perpetrators are.

“We intend to continue our supportive efforts and searches… we will be meeting with the Minister of Agriculture and fisheries officers…the police, coast guard and other parties will continue to work…over the next two to three days, members of the Maritime Administration and the Coast Guard will conduct their investigations, visiting strategic locations and making the necessary statements, Minister Benn said.

He also urged citizens and anyone with information on the recent pirate activity, or who has suspicions of any illegal activity which may be linked to the latest pirate attack, to contact the nearest police station, the Coast Guard and or the Maritime Administration.

Approximately 15 fishing boats with a total number of 19 crew men were attacked between the mornings of February 3 to 4, off the coast of the Pomeroon River.

Captain of the Ms Davina Bharrat Kallicharran and his two crew members were rescued on Saturday when a helicopter mission spotted them intheir damaged vessel in Pomeroon river.

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