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Issue No.16
  • :August
  • :2004

ILO / Labour

Gender Focus

This piece excerpts the references to women/ gender in discussions in the Committee on the Fisheries Sector on the agenda item on labour standards in the fishing sector at the recently held International Labour Conference. It has been compiled by the ICSF Secretariat.

The fifth item on the agenda of the 92nd session of the International Labour Conference (ILC), held in June 2004, was on “Work in the fishing sector: A discussion with a view to the Adoption of a Comprehensive Standard (a Convention supplemented by a Recommendation)”.

The new standard was discussed with a view to revising the seven existing ILO instruments applicable to the fishing sector—five Conventions and two Recommendations. It is worth noting that these ILO fishing labour standards were adopted a long time ago, in 1920, 1959 and 1966, and are not, therefore, reflective of the changes that have since taken place in fishing operations. Moreover, the level of ratifications of these instruments has been low.

The Conclusions adopted by the Committee on the Fisheries Sector at the ILC aim to reach, for the first time, the majority of the world’s fishers, including those on board small fishi

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