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Issue No.14
  • :December
  • :2003

From the Editor

Dear Friends,

In this issue of Yemaya, we carry articles and news from various parts of the world. From near Valencia, Spain, we hear of the struggles of a women’s association as it challenges the age-old patrilineal system, in which only the male offspring of fishermen can inherit rights to fish. Though the courts have ruled in favour of the women, the real challenge remains, which is to change local social norms and customs. In the meantime, the association continues to face social ostracism.

From Buyat Bay in North Sulawesi, Indonesia, come disturbing stories of the negative health and environmental impact of tailings from gold mining operations by a multinational company, PT. Newmont Minahasa Raya (NMR), a subsidiary of Newmont Mining Corporation, based in Denver, Colorado, USA, the fifth largest mining company in the world. Women, it is reported, have been specially affected by the pollution of the bay with arsenic, mercury and cyanide. They have been reporting constant headaches, pain in the joints, tremors, brain damage, lumps spread on the body and itchiness. The company is said to have done little besides denying the reports. A study released in June 2003 by the Indonesian Forum for the Environment (W

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