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Issue No.12
  • :April
  • :2003

From the Editor

Dear Friends,

Greetings from ICSF! This issue has a special focus on women in European fisheries. We carry a report of a meeting organized by the European Commission (EC) to discuss ways in which to enhance the role of women in fishing communities. As is noted, this was the first time such a meeting has been organized by the EC.

It is positive to note that there is finally recognition being given to women’s roles in the fisheries, not only as workers in fish processing, marketing, aquaculture and fishing, but also to their support roles within the family and industry. But, as women pointed out at the meeting, more recognition is needed of the roles women play within the family and community, especially in fostering community links and sustaining its social and cultural fabric.

It may well be asked why words like community, cultural fabric and social cohesion figure in a fisheries debate. As the importance of institutional factors, in the face of increasing stress on fisheries resources in various parts of the world, is increasingly realized, the answer to this question becomes, in a sense, obvious. It is becoming evident that where cohesive and strong community institutions exist/ are fostered, it is easier to

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