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Issue No:82
  • :0973–1121
  • :February
  • :2020

Samudra Report No.82, February 2020


Obituary / Sidney Holt

A Towering Intellect

With the death of Sidney Holt late last year, the world lost a man blessed with a towering intellect, boundless curiosity and an unwavering commitment to conservation

 This article is by Michael Earle (, Magoster, Belgium

Sidney began his professional life in 1947 at the Fisheries Laboratory in Lowestoft, UK. Michael Graham was the lab’s director then and he set Sidney on the path that led, a decade later, to the publication of what is often called the Bible of fisheries science and which he co-authored with Ray Beverton. Titled On the Dynamics of Exploited Fish Populations, that seminal work, frequently described as the most-cited reference in fisheries science, continues to underpin fisheries management to this day. Not bad for a first effort!

The world of fisheries management was very small in the 1940s. Sidney soon found himself involved at all levels, from frequent research cruises at sea—Graham insisted on them for all scientists and Sidney considered them an excellent grounding in reality—to giving training courses and participating in negotiations for the future Law of the Sea. He fell in love—with Rome because he was already married!—and joined Food and Agriculture Organization...

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