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Issue No:81
  • :0973–1121
  • :June
  • :2019

Samudra Report No.81, June 2019

Nigeria / Tenure Rights

Fear of Flight

In Nigeria, waterfront communities, whose livelihoods are predominantly dependent on fishing and related activities, live under constant fear of eviction

This article is by Kafayat Fakoya (, Senior Lecturer, Department of Fisheries, Faculty of Science, Lagos State University, Nigeria, and Shehu L. Akintola (, Associate Professor, Department of Fisheries, Faculty of Science, Lagos State University, Nigeria

Fisherfolk are often counted among the poorest of the poor. More than half of the Nigerian population is classified as multidimensional poor in the 2016 Human Development Report. An estimated 25-30 per cent of Nigeria’s population lives within 100 km of the Atlantic coastline, spread across 850 km. More than 70 per cent of Nigeria’s fisherfolk live in minor fishing settlements and camps within one km of the coastline and also in major fishing communities situated five km from the coastline. Poverty is particularly pronounced in rural areas where the bulk of local fish production takes place; among the poorest are those living on the fringe of the coastline and in the mangrove swamps. Here the levels of deprivation, marginalisation and vulnerability—to stresses and shocks...

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