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Issue No:73
  • :0973–1121
  • :April
  • :2016

Dawn at Sea

The water by the sun’s first rays
is friendly, soft, serene,
An orange glow enhanced by haze
surrenders things unseen.

A white sail as the mist unfurls
takes shape above a sloop,
A startled fish sends up great swirls
The bait fish jump and sea birds swoop.

This moment strangely mystical
Is salve upon my soul
A phenomenon unequaled
by man’s most lofty goal.

Surely Heaven abounds with
such evanescent majesty
to savour like a heady wine
for all eternity.

A honking horn, a barking dog
assails my ears from shore
to herald life’s realities
Another dawn is o’er.

— Jack Jay Burns


Land Ahoy !

In pursuit of its mandate to raise the safety standards in the country’s fishing fleet, the Norwegian Maritime Authority will rely on dialogue with the industry

This article is by Torben Vik ( and Hilde Stange (, Senior Advisers, Norwegian Maritime Authority, Norway

Over the last decade, Norway’s fishing fleet has undergone significant structural changes that have led to fewer vessels and a smaller number of professional fishers. This is due to the merging of allowable amounts of catch and also due to more efficient vessels and improved profitability for many. There has also been a significant upgrade of the vessel fleet, both in terms of new building and modification of existing vessels, which entail an upgrade of the standard of accommodation conditions, improving the working and living conditions for fishers working on board. An improved inspection regime during vessel construction and more detailed periodical inspections have also led to safer vessels.

A review of the accident statistics for Norwegian-registered fishing vessels shows that most of the damage to vessels happens as a result of grounding or fire on board, as shown in Figure 1. The smallest fleets of less than...

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