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Issue No:73
  • :0973–1121
  • :April
  • :2016

Dawn at Sea

The water by the sun’s first rays
is friendly, soft, serene,
An orange glow enhanced by haze
surrenders things unseen.

A white sail as the mist unfurls
takes shape above a sloop,
A startled fish sends up great swirls
The bait fish jump and sea birds swoop.

This moment strangely mystical
Is salve upon my soul
A phenomenon unequaled
by man’s most lofty goal.

Surely Heaven abounds with
such evanescent majesty
to savour like a heady wine
for all eternity.

A honking horn, a barking dog
assails my ears from shore
to herald life’s realities
Another dawn is o’er.

— Jack Jay Burns


A Casual Approach

By taking on board the concerns of a fishing community in Hazira, India, regarding the construction of a port, the National Green Tribunal has set an important precedent

This article is by Krithika Dinesh (, Manju Menon ( and Kanchi Kohli ( are with the CPR-Namati Environment Justice Programme, India

In 2013, a fishermen’s group in Hazira—the Hazira Machimar Samiti—and three affected fishermen had filed a petition against the Adanis, the project proponent of the port at Hazira, in Surat district in the south-western Indian state of Gujarat, as well as against the governmental bodies that granted environmental clearance to the project proponent. The case was filed in the National Green Tribunal (NGT) as, since 2010, cases relating to environment protection are exclusively dealt with by this tribunal for ‘effective and expeditious’ disposal of cases. The Tribunal has the powers of any other civil court in the country and can provide for relief and compensation for damages to person and property. The case was heard by the NGT’s western zone bench in Pune and on 8 January 2016, the judgment was finally delivered.

There are about 80 families in the village...

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