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Issue No:56
  • :0973–1121
  • :July
  • :2010

The Fisherwoman
The fisherwoman
in her boat
under the sky,
deep blue above,
deep blue below,
salty, skin
the fisherwoman

A soft song
o my love, o my lord,
carry me, float me, rock me, rescue me
a soft song for the fish and the sky
and the broad ocean and all the things on islands
that call to her.

Buildings, streets, people, suits
on green islands
across the ancient ocean,
the endless sleeping sea.

Through the light she sees the islands
and the fish watch
and wait.

—Janet Jackson

Seychelles : LABELLING

Labels from Paradise

The artisanal fishermen of the Seychelles are experimenting with labels to promote responsible and sustainable fisheries

This article is by Virginie Lagarde (, Project Manager, FBOA Label Project, Fishing Boat Owners Association, Seychelles, and M. Gilles Pommeret, (, Premier Conseiller-Ambassade de France aux Seychelles

For fishermen of the Seychelles, 14 December 2009 was a red-letter day. That was when the first consignment of 250 kg of labelled fish (red snapper, jobfish and groupers) was shipped to Rungis, the wholesale food market in Paris, much to the delight of French restaurateurs who are already demanding more of such fresh tropical fish, whose traceability is guaranteed by the label tagging done on board the fishing vessel by the fishermen themselves.

But behind the pretty, picture postcard image of the Seychelles as a tranquil holiday paradise lies the reality of a people whose daily lives are intimately bound up with the mercy of the ocean.

Strategically located in the middle of the Indian Ocean (1,800 km from the African coast, 1,100 km off Madagascar and 2,500 km from India), the Seychelles consists of 115 granitic and coral islands occupying a land...

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