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Issue No:56
  • :0973–1121
  • :July
  • :2010

The Fisherwoman
The fisherwoman
in her boat
under the sky,
deep blue above,
deep blue below,
salty, skin
the fisherwoman

A soft song
o my love, o my lord,
carry me, float me, rock me, rescue me
a soft song for the fish and the sky
and the broad ocean and all the things on islands
that call to her.

Buildings, streets, people, suits
on green islands
across the ancient ocean,
the endless sleeping sea.

Through the light she sees the islands
and the fish watch
and wait.

—Janet Jackson


Winning with Certification

The Marine Stewardship Council is making progress in addressing the issues of certification of small-scale and developing-country fisheries

This article is by Oluyemisi Oloruntuyi (, Programme Manager, Developing World Fisheries, Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) was established to harness concern at the state of fisheries resources, as a mechanism to reward and encourage responsible fishing practices. Since the organization was established about ten years ago, the interest in fishery certification and ecolabelling as a conservation and economic tool has grown significantly. Seventy-two fisheries have been certified to the MSC standard, thousands of tonnes of seafood of over 60 different species are eligible to use the MSC seafood ecolabel, and an increasing number of retail organizations worldwide have formalized their commitment to source seafood caught in a sustainable manner. These developments reflect the increased consciousness of the individual and collective responsibility, and of the many opportunities that exist, to reduce the impact of fishing activity on the natural environment.

Developing-country fisheries are a source of two-thirds of the...

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