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Group helping promote sustainable bio-businesses in Peru’s Amazon region September 17,2021   |  Source: La Prensa Latina

Every night without fail Gunter Yandari makes his way by boat along the Pastaza River to Lake Rimachi, deep in the heart of Peru’s Amazon region, and uses a sustainable yet productive method for catching fish.

“We have a work plan and we’ve made an agreement with the fishing communities not to use small-mesh nets so we don’t eliminate our species. Poisons used to be thrown (into the water), but we’ve now totally prohibited that,” Yandari, who heads an association of artisanal fishermen from Musa Karusha, told Efe.

That pact was promoted by the Fund for the Promotion of Peruvian Natural Protected Areas (Profonanpe), a private environmental fund that helped those communities obtain licenses and permits for their activities and provided local fishermen with training in techniques that improve the productivity of their bio-businesses while also ensuring the conservation of natural resources.

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