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Ban on salmon fishing on River Teno along Finland-Norway border affecting local economy and traditional livelihoods by Saara-Maria Salonen June 11,2021   |  Source: The Barents Observer

River Teno, or Tana, is a 361 kilometre long river which marks the border of Finland and Norway for 256 kilometres. For years, River Teno has been almost synonymous with salmon fishing — during the summer months, the river banks are bustling with locals and tourists, all of whom are after the biggest catch. Natural Resources Institute Finland says that River Teno is the most diverse salmon river in the world, and it hosts approximately 30 genetically different salmon populations.

While salmon fishing is one of the most important attractions for tourists, it is a very important aspect of the local Sámi culture and traditional livelihood. The Sámi people around the Teno have been fishing salmon using traditional fishing methods for as long as anyone can remember — and this year, for the first time ever, they will not be able to practice their traditions.

For the fishing season of 2021 both the Finnish and the Norwegian governments have come to a decision to ban all fishing on River Teno, its tributaries, estuaries and the Finnmark sea areas between May and December. The decision puts a halt to the local summer; the normally busy hotels and restaurants remain relatively empty and the locals will not get a taste of fresh salmon this year.

The need to limit salmon


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