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Costa Rica’s tuna regulations affect dolphins and national fishermen by Todd Staley May 11,2021   |  Source: The Tico Times

For more than two years, a couple of proposed laws have been floating in and out of the Costa Rican congress regarding tuna reform for the foreign purse sein net fleets that fish Costa Rica’s marine economic zone, which is 11 times greater than the country’s terrestrial area. To this date it has yet to be voted on.

Costa Rica has no tuna purse sein fleet of its own and sells 60-day licenses to foreign flagged boats to supply the cannery in Puntarenas with product. They were extracting 9,000 tons annually for the plant. That amount was raised because of demand during the pandemic to just over 11,000 tons. At one time they were extracting 25,000 ton a year. One foreign tuna seiner extracts more tuna in one 60 day trip than the entire National commercial fishing fleet of 400 boats extracts in one year.

The Executive President of Incopesca, Daniel Carrasco, who governs all fishing activities in Costa Rica, recently attended workshops with different sectors of sport and commercial fishermen, cannery representatives, seafood exporters as well as members of congress regarding the proposed law. He recently sent his recommendations to the Vice Minister of Agriculture Marlon Monge in a 15-page letter to the Minister.

The letter covered issues concerning several things

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