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Mi’kmaw fisherman has crab traps seized by Canada's DFO during food fishery by Angel Moore April 15,2021   |  Source: aptn

Robert Syliboy and his crew dropped ten traps into the deep waters of the Atlantic Ocean to harvest snow crab for a community feast.

“Crab’s pretty expensive, how many people on the reserve do you think could actually go out and buy it and then it dawned on me, there’s no way you can actually eat crab as a Mi’kmaw person unless you go to a store,” Syliboy told APTN News. “But I think that’s absolutely wrong.”

He said the crab traps were seized before he reached the shore.

Syliboy said he informed the Department of fisheries and Oceans (DFO), that he was harvesting snow crab under the Sparrow Decision.

n 1984, Ronald Sparrow, a member of Musqueam band in British Columbia was arrested and charged with fishing with what was considered an illegal net for his band’s food fishing license. The case went to the Supreme Court where it was argued that under Section 35 off the Constitution, Sparrow had the right to fish in his traditional territory according to the band’s traditional practices.

The high court upheld the Aboriginal right to fish for food purposes.

“This is very different from the Marshall Decision, this is not for profit, to feed our people,” said Syliboy.

“We went out under the Sparrow decision we brought some traps for the


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