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MSC aims to increase activity and drive sustainable fishing in Mexico by Christian Molinari February 26,2021   |  Source: SeafoodSource

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) plans to increase its presence and activities in Mexico, rolling out a strategic plan for the creation of a community of producers and commercial partners, while also implementing a communications campaign on the importance of sustainable fishing and the benefits of getting certified.

To increase environmental stewardship in Mexico’s fishing industry, MSC will work with key industry players to drive its chain of custody certification and its eco-labeling program of certified products in stores, which allows consumers to recognize fisheries that use resources rationally with a minimized impact on the ecosystem. and reward those fisheries with their purchases.

“We want to help protect Mexico's marine resources and help Mexican fishing industry organizations meet their sustainability goals, while increasing their productivity and thus enhancing the national market,” MSC Fisheries Manager for Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean Luis Bourillón said in a statement. “From the MSC's perspective, all those involved in the seafood supply chain can help protect the future of our oceans and the fish and shellfish reserve, while continuing to enjoy them, without having to prohibit their consumption.”

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