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UK Seafood Disruption Support Scheme extended to cover more businesses by Robert Outram February 23,2021   |  Source: Fish Farmer

More businesses will now be eligible for help under the UK government’s support scheme for seafood businesses affected by Brexit and Covid-19. The scheme’s criteria have been extended to include shellfish aquaculture and also fishing businesses affected indirectly by lower price and a fall in demand.

The Seafood Disruption Support Scheme was announced in January after temporary port closures due to the new strains of Covid-19, followed by disruption to trade following the end of the Brexit transition period, caused severe problems for seafood exporters trying to sell to EU customers.

The initial scheme did not, however, cover shellfish aquaculture businesses who found that, contrary to assurances given to the industry, that it was no longer possible to export live bivalve molluscs (LBMs) such as oysters and mussels to the Eu, unless they had been harvested in the highest quality “Class A” waters.

The revision to the scheme announced this week means that UK shellfish aquaculture businesses will be eligible for support, based on average ongoing costs based on full-time equivalent (FTE) employees per business.

Also, for the UK catching sector, the fund will be open to under owners of vessel of 40 metres or less, with fishing licences and who have a track record


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