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Rebuild or leave paradise: climate change dilemma facing a Nicaraguan coastal town by Brent McDonald, Caroline Kim, Alfonso Flores Bermúdez and César Nuñez February 09,2021   |  Source: The New York Times

Two major November hurricanes slammed into the same part of the Nicaraguan coast, laying waste to the Miskito village of Haulover. Faced with a future of intensifying storms, the residents must now consider whether to abandon their way of life by the ocean and move inland. The film, Rebuild or Leave Paradise: Climate Change Dilemma Facing a Nicaraguan Coastal Town is available at:

Theme(s): Post Harvest Technology and Trade, Others, Landing Centres, Freshwater ecosystems and threats, Fishing Craft, Gear and Fishing Methods, Fisheries Resources, Fisheries Development and Aquaculture, Communities and Organisations, Coastal Ecosystems and Threats.

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