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Can seaweed help fight deadly viruses like COVID-19? February 08,2021   |  Source: FPJ

Seaweed is already known for its myriad properties such as dietary fibre, antioxidant and amino acids, but the latest discovery is that it is also an effective immune therapy to fight Covid-19. The discovery has been made by the Indian marine scientists from the ICAR-Central Institute of Fisheries Technology (CIFT), noting that the seaweed contains medical components that can be effective to combat the pathogen, and this has drawn the attention of the World Health Organisation (WHO) too.

They have published their article in the Current science on its website to help the pandemic hit countries to take a cue about the potential of marine plant found on the coastal zones. In fact, the WHO recognition has come just at a time when India has outlined an ambitious blueprint for the seaweed industry in the coastal States to ensure sustainable livelihood to the local inhabitants as well as tackle climate change threats.

One of the easily accessible and most abundant live species present in the marine ecosystem, derivatives of seaweed are already known to have many medicinal-nutraceutical properties. “Several polysaccharides isolated from red and green seaweeds have been evaluated for its antiviral characteristics and found to have ability to inhibit the initial attachment of

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