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British Ports Association: Govt. must act immediately on seafood exports January 18,2021   |  Source: Hellenic Shipping News

The British Ports Association has written to Ministers about the continuing issues affecting seafood exports to the EU. At an urgent meeting of 20 fishing ports from across the UK on Friday, numerous serious issues were raised with new processes that are affecting landings and undermining the fisheries sector.

Issues exporting seafood to the EU are affecting UK fishing ports’ competitiveness and must be addressed immediately. The BPA has joined calls for compensation for those negatively affected. Many ports have reported that boats usually landing into their harbours are either tied up or landing elsewhere, directly into the EU. The BPA is alarmed that this may become a longer term trend, with red tape permanently compromising competitiveness.

Those boats that are landing into the UK are finding that prices have collapsed for product heading to export markets amid concerns about its ability to get there on time. Fishing ports typically charge an ad valorem fee on landings to fund infrastructure and services that is foundational to the industry. Among the issues raised by ports so far are:
The administrative burden on seafood exports to the EU has meant that some have stopped altogether, hopefully for the short term. Even exporters that have their paperwork in order can


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