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Fishing banned after Cambodian villages’ dispute mediated by Buth Reaksmey Kongkea January 18,2021   |  Source: Khmer Times

A temporary ban on fishing was ordered yesterday by the district authorities of Kampong Tralach in Cambodia to prevent violence while mediation continues to resolve a dispute between the people of three villages and Lorpeang Natural Resources Conservation community. The authorities also ordered the demolition of the community guardhouse in a large natural lake which had been erected to prevent illegal fishing.

San Sam Ath, deputy governor of Kampong Tralach district, said the temporary ban on fishing and the dismantling of the guardhouse was decided after the mediation began between villagers and community leaders.

Nguon Nhoeun, the President of Lorpeang Natural Resources Conservation Community, said yesterday that the community was formed to protect the natural resources in Boeng Por Lake from illegal fishing.

“In the past, when there was illegal fishing in the lake, the authorities did not help prevent it,” Nhoeun told Khmer Times.

“Since Lorpeang Natural Resources Conservation Community was established in 2019, it prevents all kinds of illegal fishing such as the use of electric gear and fishing in prohibited places,” he said.

Nhoeun said the community would continue to seek intervention from provincial authorities.

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