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Coastal communities in Perth, Australia, under threat by bushfires January 06,2021   |  Source: AAP

A number on coastal communities north of Perth are under threat from a fast-moving bushfire, with homes and lives at risk.

The blaze has already burnt through more than 7200 hectares and is proving difficult for firefighters to contain as it burns out of control, fanned by strong easterly winds.

Authorities have particular concerns for people in the areas of Ocean Farms, Seaview, Wedge Island and Lancelin.

On Tuesday evening people in the Ocean Farms and Seaview residential areas were told to enact their bushfire plans and leave immediately.

“Your life will be in danger if you stay,” the Department of Fire and Emergency Services warned.

Other communities in the area have been told to heed the latest advice and take the appropriate action with an emergency warning message still in place.

Incident controller Andy Duckworth said the blaze was running at up to 3.5 kilometres an hour in challenging conditions, with high temperatures and strong, shifting winds across the fire ground.

The fire perimeter has stretched to 50km with 200 firefighters on the ground supported by up to 13 aircraft, including a large air tanker.

Tuesday’s emergency followed an easing of the danger on Monday after a string of fires threatened various areas to the north and south of

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