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Russian fishing boat sinks in Barents Sea, 17 feared dead December 29,2020   |  Source: DW

A Russian-flagged fishing trawler sank in the northern Barents Sea leaving 17 people missing, Russian news agencies reported on Monday citing emergency services.

Five rescue vessels are currently searching for survivors.

The missing crew are feared dead, said TASS news agency citing a source.

What we know so far:

-- There were a total of 19 crew on board the Onega.

-- One crew member was found dead, reported Moscow-based newspaper Novaya Gazeta.

-- Two people — a sailor and a navigator — have been rescued, Russian state newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta reported.

-- Authorities became aware of the incident at 7.30 am local time (0430 UTC).

-- The boat sank near the Novaya Zemlya archipelago.

-- Ice accumulation led to the sinking of the vessel, emergency services reported.

How did the vessel capsize?

The disaster struck when the crew was hauling out a net with the catch, said the spokesman for the maritime and river transport agency Rosmorrechflot, Alexei Kravchenko.

"The vessel lost its balance and instantly capsized," he told AFP.

The trawler is thought to have sank so fast that crew did not have time to activate their life rafts, a source told news agency Interfax.

A source told the Interfax news agency that there was little hope of


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