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Esvagt Njord rescues injured fishermen near Dudgeon December 24,2020   |  Source: reNEWS

The Esvagt Njord service operations vessel has rescued seven injured fishermen who were in distress near the Dudgeon offshore wind farm off the English east coast.

The rescue took place on 22 December after the vessel's skipper Brian Kristiansen heard a fishing vessel nearby calling for help, and when he responded, he learned that the ship was taking in water.

Esvagt Njord (pictured) had been assisting Equinor in the operation of the wind park off Great Yarmouth and its crew in cooperation with Equinor's medic and technicians performed the rescue.
Kristiansen said: “The fishing vessel had yet to send out a Mayday. We had a feeling, however, that there was a need for help close by.

“So we deployed our fast rescue boat to be standby and ready to assist if the situation worsened.”

“When the FRB arrived, it was clear for all that a serious accident had taken place.

“The fishing crew themselves spoke of several explosions on board, and all seven fishermen needed first aid – several were seriously injured.”

Esvagt Njord then deployed the larger STB7 vessel and started evacuating the fishing vessel.

Meanwhile, the SOV's remaining crew prepared to receive the injured.

Kristiansen added: “When the FRB contacted us and told us that the situation


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