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Female fishery activists play a key role in Cambodia by Moeun Chhean Nariddh November 20,2020   |  Source: Khmer Times

In the Khmer folktale “Phnom Chiso Temple,” a Hindu priest gives blessings to a Khmer prince, saying: “May you be as strong as an ant, as mighty as a ghost and as decisive as a woman.”

Following this as an example, after fishery communities were established in Kampong Cham province’s Kang Meas district, the head of the communities decided to invite women to join to help with the conservation work.

Ky Sopheap, a 50-year-old mother from Kang Taneung commune, seems to bare such a character like the Hindu priest portrays women in the folktale when she does her work as a fishery activist.

“I decided to become a fishery activist because there are not many women who help crack down on illegal fishing,” she says with pride. “This is also to show gender equality and to show that women can also do work like men.”

Sopheap says she is the only female among six fishery activists in her commune’s fishery community.

“When I have accompanied male fishery activists to confiscate illegal fishing nets, the police were proud of me and some even gave me money,” she says, adding that her team has recently confiscated and burned 16 illegal nets.

Sopheap says illegal fishermen fight back every time the fishery community cracks down on illegal fishing


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