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Industrial trawler nabbed in Benin IUU fishing crackdown by Shem Oirere November 18,2020   |  Source: SeafoodSource

Global nonprofit marine conservation organization Sea Shepherd, in partnership Benin Navy sailors, have arrested an industrial fishing trawler in the port of Cotonou and accused it of fishing illegally.

The arrest of vessel the Fada 18 was preceded by several nights of documentation by the Sea Shepherd crew – aboard the organization’s vessel Bob Barker – of the vessel fishing illegally inside a special management area reserved for local artisanal fishermen extending up to 9.3 kilometers from the coast of Benin.

“Fada 18 was caught fishing just outside the Bouche du Roy Ecological Reserve, which consists of mangroves and lagoons critical to fish nurseries,” Sea Shepherd said in a release announcing the arrests. This is the same spot where three illegally fishing Tian Yu vessels were arrested nearly a year ago."

The reserve is part of the UNESCO-listed Mono Biosphere Reserve, “home to nearly two million people in Benin and Togo, and particularly rich in biodiversity, as it’s positioned in a wildlife corridor frequented by migrating tuna and humpback whales," according to Sea Shepherd.

“The successful arrest of Fada 18 marks the continuation of joint at-sea patrols between the Benin Navy and Sea Shepherd under the leadership of Maxime Ahoyo, the


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