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Bangladesh Parliament passes Marine Fisheries Bill November 17,2020   |  Source: Dhaka Tribune

The "Marine Fisheries Bill, 2020" was passed in the Bangladesh Parliament on Monday with a provision for maximum three-year imprisonment or Tk5 crore fine or both for fishing illegally within Bangladesh’s maritime boundary by any foreign national.

Fisheries and Livestock Minister SM Rezaul Karim moved the Bill in the House and it was passed by voice vote.

There are 12 chapters and 63 clauses in the proposed law which will replace the Marine Fisheries Ordinance which was promulgated during the military regime that was scrapped by the High Court.

As per the existing law, the punishment for illegal fishing by any foreign national in the country's water is three years of imprisonment or Tk1 lakh fine, or both.

As per the new law, the government will define the shape of the fishing boat or trawlers. These trawlers will have to take licences before fishing.

Currently, licences are given for one year while the proposed law increased it to two years to reduce the hassle and harassment of trawler or boat owners.

The proposed law has defined the import of commercial trawlers, its specification and safety measurements.

The bill also included the judicial magistrate or mobile court in the proposed law to punish the violators.

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