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South Korea donates two retired Coast Guard Haeuri-class patrol vessels to Ecuador November 17,2020   |  Source: Navy Recognition

According to information published on Facebook on November 14, 2020, South Korea has donated two retired Coast Guard Haeuri-class patrol vessels to Ecuador. On November 13, 2020, a ship loaded with two former Korea Coast Guard patrol vessel 302 and 303 departed the Port of Masan and is expected to arrive at its destination in early December 2020.

In May 2019, South Korea Coast Guard had announced that it would donate two patrol vessels to Ecuador, and now the delivery is finally underway. Ecuador paid for the transportation fee involved with this transfer.

These two patrol vessels were built in 1990 and 1991, respectively, and during their service with the KCG, they recorded 357 / 215 seizures of illegal fishing boats and 203 / 179 successful rescue operations. They will now serve the Ecuadorian Coast Guard to patrol the waters off the famous Galapagos Island against the Chinese fishing fleet. Ecuador currently only has a single vessel available for this role.

The Haeuri-class-class patrol vessels with pennant numbers 302 and 303 are a class of Medium-Sized Patrol Vessel of the Republic of Korea Navy. The vessels have a length of 53.7 m, a beam of 7.4 m, and a draught of 2.5 m and were built by Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI). The ship is armed with one 20mm Sea Vulcan


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