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Boris Johnson tells EU to drop ‘derisory’ fishing demands as Brexit talks enter final week November 15,2020   |  Source: The Press and Journal

Boris Johnson has promised not to sell out British fishermen and has called on the European Union to drop their “derisory” demands, as Brexit talks enter their week.

The UK’s negotiating position is that more than half the fish in British waters should reserved for UK-based fishing vessels.

But the EU’s current offer would allow only the repatriation of between 10% and 20% of stocks, a figure described as “derisory” by government officials.

“The figure is in the teens, percentage wise,” a senior government source told the Sunday Times. “It’s ridiculous.”

Both sides have agreed November 23 is the new deadline for a trade deal, or the sides will prepared to trade on World Trade Organisation terms.

Mr Johnson reportedly told aides last week that he was not prepared to settle on fishing, citing the example of the former Tory prime minister Edward Heath, whose name is still a byword for betrayal in fishing communities.

“He has been going around all week saying that he’s not prepared to be the new Ted Heath,” another official said.

Environment Secretary George Eustice, appearing on Sky News, said “there is some way between us” when asked about the UK and EU’s position on fisheries policy.

He said: “At the moment they’re


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