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Florida braced for Eta as new study finds hurricanes staying stronger for longer November 13,2020   |  Source: The Guardian

Storm Eta regained strength to become a hurricane again on Wednesday morning off the west coast of Florida after earlier devastating Honduras as a category 4 that had raged across Central America leaving death and destruction in its wake.

A few hours later it slowed back to tropical storm status but central Florida was still braced for a major tempest as the worst of the weather was forecast to come overland in the next 24 hours in the Tampa area.

The storm’s maximum sustained winds increased to around 75mph off the state’s south-west coast in the Gulf of Mexico early on Wednesday.

Forecasters at the National Hurricane Center in Miami issued a hurricane watch for a 120-mile stretch that includes Tampa and St Petersburg. The storm has been in the Gulf since crossing over south Florida on Sunday.

In a record year for Atlantic hurricanes, the latest news came as a new study showed hurricanes are keeping their staying power longer once they make landfall, spreading more inland destruction.

Warmer ocean waters from climate change are probably making hurricanes lose power more slowly after landfall, because they act as a reserve fuel tank for moisture, the study found.

The new study looked at 71 Atlantic hurricanes with landfalls since 1967. It found that in the


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