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Infrastructural deficiency affecting livelihood of fisher-folks in Ghana November 02,2020   |  Source: Ghana Web

Professor Jane Naana Opoku-Agyemang, National Democratic Congress (NDC) Running-mate has said the lack of infrastructure was negatively affecting the livelihood of fisher-folks in the country. She said most fishermen and fishmongers were compelled to preserve their landings by saltation and smoking and those that should not even be preserved that way.

Prof Opoku-Agyeman addressing party supporters at Kpando Torkor as part of her tour of the Volta Region, said she appreciated the toil that the fishermen and fishmongers went through to provide for all Ghanaians since she was a beneficiary of their hard work. She added that fisher folks were a special group of people who did not need government intervention in training their children to take up after them in their line of profession and that the little they needed was the provision of appropriate infrastructure to be appreciated. "They are not asking for much except facilities to preserve what we all eat" Prof Opoku- Agyemang stressed. She said the NDC party had in the past proven to be the most caring government and that infrastructure such as landing beaches, schools and hospitals were testaments to that effect.

“We are a government that cares and the infrastructure we have built speaks for itself." She said politics was

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