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Nine Indian fishermen rescued after trawler hits Black Rose October 29,2020   |  Source: ENS

In yet another mishap caused by the sunken ship Black Rose off Paradip coast, nine fishermen from the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh were left stranded in the sea after their trawler hit the wreckage on Monday. They were rescued by other fishing vessels in the vicinity. The fishermen were returning to the local harbour when their trawler Maa Mini hit the submerged ship and began to sink. Paradip Marine IIC Pradyumna Behera said the fishermen were brought to the harbour in another boat and admitted to Atharabanki hospital.

“They sustained minor injuries and their condition is stable,” he said. In November last year, a Balasore-based trawler, Jagat Janani, had hit the submerged wreck of Black Rose. Five fishermen were rescued by local fishermen after the mishap. The Mongolian vessel Black Rose had capsized in the Bay of Bengal on September 9, 2009.

The cargo ship, registered with UK-based South of England P&I Club, had no valid documents and the insurance papers deposited by its owner were found to be fake. Black Rose was carrying 23,847 tonnes of iron ore (fines), 924 tonnes furnace oil, 50 tonnes diesel and 40 tonnes grease when it sank in the sea. Repeated demands to dismantle the debris of the vessel, which hampers the movement of ships, has yielded no result.


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