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How India’s first & only radio channel for fishermen is changing lives every day by GOPI KARELIA October 23,2020   |  Source: The Better India

Yedimar, a fisherman living on Tamil Nadu’s Pambam island located between peninsular India and Sri Lanka, was alarmed one recent summer day to find that his favourite radio show had gone “missing.”

Puzzled and somewhat distraught, unsure whether the government had withdrawn ‘Kadal Osai FM 90.4’ from the airwaves due to Covid-19 or there was another reason for its disappearance, the 60-year-old decided to file a complaint about the missing radio show at the nearby police station.

Fortunately, before he could act on his complaint, the radio show’s station head Gayathri Usman happened to come to Chinnapalam, the small hamlet in Pamban where Yedimar lived, for some work.

“In a concerned tone, Yedimar asked me why we had shut operations. He missed listening to weather updates and marine trivia. Once I informed him we would resume service in three days, his face lit up with joy,” Gayathri told The Better India.

This is one of many instances where Pamban’s local population has shown so much love and support for a radio station that is India’s first and only FM channel by and for the fishermen community. Barring Gayathri, the other 12 employees of the station are either part-time fishermen themselves or belong to fishermen families.

The channel is


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