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Indian fisherman injured as ‘Pak agency opens fire’ at Arabian Sea September 25,2020   |  Source: ENS

The captain of a Porbandar-registered fishing trawler was injured after Pakistan Marine Security Agency (PMSA) allegedly opened fire on his boat while they were fishing at the Arabian Sea. Four other fishermen on board the same boat escaped unhurt, fishermen leaders said on Thursday. The development comes around a week after Pakistan apprehended 42 fishermen and seized their eight boats for allegedly violating its territorial waters.

Dhiru Bambhaniya, tandel or captain of fishing trawler Devlabh, sustained injuries on his left hand and chest after PMSA allegedly fired on his fishing boat.

Talking to media persons after arriving in Porbandar, Bambhaniya claimed that they were operating on the Indian side of the IMBL and that PMSA fired on them without any warning. “We were operating around 2 km on the Indian side of the IMBL when we saw a security boat approaching us. Initially, we thought that it was Indian Navy ship. However, when it came closer, we noticed the red stripe and realised that it was Pakistan Navy. So, we tried to steer away but they fired at us. They fired four shots on our boat and one of them hit me. But we managed to speed to safety,” the tandel said.

He further said that PMSA had fired on two other Indian fishing boats which were operating in the


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