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Isle of Man Ship Registry to pioneer app to help thousands of its seafarers by Duncan Foulkes July 24,2020   |  Source: IOM Today

The Isle of Man Ship Registry is set to launch a pioneering piece of technology aimed at helping the welfare of thousands of its seafarers.

Director Cameron Mitchell said the app is in the final stages of development and is set go live later this month.

It will be available for free to around 11,000 seafarers working on more than 400 vessels under the Isle of Man flag.

Mr Mitchell, who served as a marine engineer at sea for 17 years with shipping lines including Maersk and Farstad, said the introduction of the app is being accelerated to tackle the challenges facing seafarers caught in the coronavirus pandemic.

Business News reported last month that the international shipping industry has warned of a threat to global trade from a mounting crisis on board merchant vessels. The current seafarer safety crisis came under the spotlight with a webinar session sponsored by the Isle of Man Ship Registry.

People in the industry say an estimated 200,000 seafarers are stuck on vessels and their contracts have expired, while an equal number are at home ashore unable to sign-on for their new positions at sea.

Mr Mitchell told Business News: ’Safety is a fundamental pillar of our ethos as a high-quality flag state.

’Even before Covid we recognised that something had


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