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WTO Rules Chair issues draft consolidated text on fisheries subsidies July 03,2020   |  Source: TWN

The chair of the World Trade Organization Doha rules negotiations has issued a draft consolidated text for expediting the negotiations on disciplines on IUU (illegal, unreported, and unregulated) fishing, overfished stocks, and overfishing and overcapacity.

At a heads of delegation (HoD) meeting on 25 June, conducted in both physical and virtual formats, the chair, Ambassador Santiago Wills of Colombia, said that he wants to conclude an agreement by the end of this year on the proposed disciplines on IUU fishing, overfished stocks, and overfishing and overcapacity, as set out in his consolidated draft text, trade envoys told the SUNS.

The chair said that the draft text has been prepared under his own responsibility.

Surprisingly, Ambassador Wills appears to have not factored in the rising wave of the Covid-19 cases in the Americas, Africa, and South Asia, where lockdown conditions are being implemented. The current resurgence of the Covid-19 could make it almost impossible for capital-based officials to participate in the negotiations, said trade envoys, who asked not to be quoted.

The Chair issued two restricted and “confidential” draft texts – RD/TN/RL/126/Add.1 and RD/TN/RL/126. He made several preliminary remarks on the elements contained in the draft

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