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Danish shipping industry releases plan for climate and decarbonization June 11,2020   |  Source: Marex

The Climate Partnership for a Blue Denmark, representing Denmark’s shipping industry, has developed its plan as part of the nation’s overall effort to address climate change and achieve carbon neutrality. For its part, the shipping industry is targeting carbon neutrality by 2050, without the use of climate compensation. To achieve that goal, it also targeting beginning commercial operation for its first ocean-going zero-emission vessel by 2030.

As a nation, Denmark has set ambitious goals to undertake a green transition as it works to fight climate. The government is calling for a 70 percent reduction in CO2 emission by 2030 as it works to become a leader in finding ways towards a carbon-neutral future.

To achieve these ambitions, the Danish Prime Minister called on the business community to join in collaboration to address climate issues. Thirteen partnerships, including one for the shipping industry, were announced in 2019, each focused on different sectors of Danish industry to develop plans to address climate issues.

“The Danish government has given Blue Denmark a clear task: Bring ideas and proposals to the table in order for the government and the industry to work together,” said Anne H. Steffensen, Director General, Danish Shipping. “We see this as an

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