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In Venezuela, fishermen without boats or fishing rods rely on nature to survive by DUARD FREISLER October 09,2019   |  Source: Miami Herald

Javier Gonzales and his friends know that the pelicans gliding above in the sky mean one thing: a chance for a good catch. Suddenly, the teen boys are racing along the beach following the trajectory of the birds’ movement. The teenagers need to get much closer to the spot where the birds are hunting in order to make their own catch.

The economic crisis in Venezuela has brought many Venezuelans back to seashore villages in search of food. These penniless fishermen use primitive tools and rely on “the feel” they have developed about the ocean and its surroundings.

“We have no boats, no fishing rods, but we have pelicans,” says the 17-year-old fisherman, Alexander Ramirez, one of the boys at the beach by the village of Osma, located in the northern state of Vargas.

As the teens scan the waters, they can see the pelicans tracking a school of sardines. This indicates the spot where the boys should fish. Positioned on the rocks protruding from the seabed, the fishermen launch their nylon lines, running hundreds of meters long with little hooks at the end, and wrapped around plastic discs held by the teens. For bait, they use prawns scooped up early in the morning in a nearby river.


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