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Macron warned: Your fishermen will suffer after no deal - Brexit Secretary hits out by Joe Barnes August 29,2019   |  Source: Express

French fishermen will suffer a significant blow if Emmanuel Macron refuses to hold no-deal Brexit talks with the Government, Steve Barclay today warned.

The Brexit Secretary said Paris and London should immediately begin bilateral talks to mitigate any potential disruptions from Britain leaving the European Union without an agreement. He insisted that French coastal communities that are reliant on access to British fishing waters would feel the brunt of a hard Brexit. Speaking in Paris, Mr Barclay also bemoaned the French government’s offer to guarantee the rights of Britons who have made the country their home.

He said: “In the event of a no-deal exit, access to UK waters falls entirely within our country.

“That, of course, has a potential impact on the French fishing industry. Of the 250,000 tonnes of fish processed in Boulogne, the majority comes from UK waters and of the fish landed by French vessels, 40 percent of it comes from UK waters.”

The Brexit Secretary also warned that France will continue to be a “significant export market” for the UK after Brexit.

“At the same time, about 80,000 tonnes of our salmon, scallops and other seafood products end up on the French table each year.” he said.

“You are a significant export market for


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